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All About Medical Aesthetics.

Face Hub is a bespoke doctor led Medical Aesthetic Clinic launched by the multi-award nominated Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Laura Fee. Dr Fee has over a decade of clinical experience in facial aesthetic treatments and has trained and practiced as a medical aesthetic expert for Europe’s Largest Medical Aesthetic Clinic. She has trained in facial aesthetics in leading medical aesthetic clinics on London’s world renowned Harley Street. 


Dr. Fee is a highly regarded cosmetic expert in facial aesthetics with over a decades clinical experience. Dr. Fee is regularly featured in the Irish media including VIP, RSVP and Image magazines. She has treated and earned the trust of many high profile individuals in Ireland.  


In Face Hub Facial Aesthetic Clinic our dedicated team of Cosmetic Dentists and experienced nurses are experts in facial reinvigoration with an emphasis on natural results. We offer a wide range of cosmetic injectable and non-injectable FDA approved treatments to showcase your facial features at their very best. Face Hub Facial Aesthetic Clinic provides all patients with a free facial aesthetic “tweekment” consultation to begin your personalised rejuvenation journey. Book your free medical aesthetic consultation with Dr. Fee today to discuss any facial aesthetic concerns you may have and to understand your treatment options. Welcome to clinical luxury that nourishes your skin from within. 



The International Aesthetic Awards 2022

The only UK Industry Awards body to recognise and celebrate ALL qualified aesthetic practitioners, clinics and training providers! This ceremony celebrates all the hard work that has gone into the previous year. 



This year Face Hub Facial Aesthetic Clinic was nominated in three categories: Best Aesthetics Practitioner Europe, Best Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Skin Expert.


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Cosmetic Injections


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Natural Lip Enhancement


Are you Ready for this? Some women may wish to add subtle volume to their lips, others may want to soften the appearance of vertical lip lines.



Lines such as these are often caused by factors such as sun exposure or repeated muscle movement. JUVÉDERM is a new FDA-approved injectable filler that naturally and instantaneously adds subtle volume to lips and smooths lip lines for a more youthful full appearance. The new hyaluronic acid formula results in less swelling than other fillers and has longlasting results up to a year!


The Lips you Desire INSTANTLY! Whether you’ve noticed your lips thinning over time, or simply want them to be fuller, JUVÉDERM can give you the natural-looking, long-lasting results you’re looking for. It is used to smooth lip lines, which develop with age and features a different cross-linking technology resulting in a softer and more cohesive filler, for smoother natural-looking results that last for a longer amount of time!




Here at Face Hub Aesthetics clinic, we don’t believe in providing an off the peg approach. We train our team to the highest possible standards so each staff member can tailor a client’s treatments and find what suit each individual best, whilst still adhering to your preferences ?.


In-depth consultation by experienced doctors, non-pushy approach & excellent clinical facilities are appreciated by our patients. We encourage our patients to take an informed decision. We offer bespoke treatment plans to help you achieve optimal results!


We develop specific treatment plans for each of our patients so that best possible results can be achieved. Using the most advanced medical technology and highly researched techniques, our team can create unrivalled aesthetic improvements for a broad range of concerns.

Outstanding Facilities And Easily Accessible

Treatments are provided in clean, infection-free, clinical environment. We have state of the art equipment and facilities, all new and up to date! We are conveniently located in the Bayside Medical Centre right in the middle of the Bayside Shopping Centre. We are well connected by public transport and the car park is always helpful in travelling to the clinic.


We Only Use the Highest Quality porducts

At Face Hub, we administer only the best products. To ensure your results are safe, consistent and optimal we use Juvéderm for all our dermal filler treatments. As the world’s leading brand for hyaluronic facial fillers, they use high-quality ingredients that are tested, safe and achieve excellent results. For Anti-Wrinkle treatments, we use the leading brand that is FDA approved that reduces the movement and relaxes targeted muscle groups.

We don’t simply provide treatments. We’ll work with you to improve your outlook to ensure great health. This because we know that the key to a great figure and facial appearance is feeling, fit, energised and optimistic about your prospects. We can really make a welcome difference to your life and confidence. Come and find out how



Profhilo To Tighten The Neck

Profhilo is a ground-breaking new therapy that targets skin laxity while also hydrating and lifting the skin. It repairs skin structure while providing glossy hydration as an enhanced hyaluronic acid. However, unlike normal hyaluronic acid treatments, Profhilo’s composition does not volumize.

Instead, it allows patients to regain skin firmness and texture for a youthful glow.

Profhilo is an excellent therapy for jowls and drooping or wrinkled skin in the neck. We can achieve a long-lasting lift and tighten the skin under the jawline by judiciously placing Profhilo across areas of skin laxity in the neck. As it disperses after injection, Profhilo’s highly concentrated formulation stimulates and boosts natural collagen and elastin production.

A small amount of pressure and a sting may occur when Profhilo is injected into any area of skin laxity. However, because we use a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure, most patients experience no discomfort. After just a few weeks, skin tightens and refreshes itself, with firmness and moisture lasting up to six months.




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    Face Hub Facial Aesthetic Clinic, Bayside Medical Centre, Bayside Shopping Centre, Sutton, Dublin 13