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Bringing Out the Beauty in Everyone

Bringing Out the Beauty in Everyone


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an extract of your own blood that contains platelets, growth factors, and active proteins for tissue and injury healing.


It has been used medically for years to accelerate wound healing and has been used widely in the treatment of tendons, ligament and joint damage, heal diabetic ulcers and help regrow muscle and bone. When PRP is placed back into the skin by injection or micro-needling, it initiates a localised stem cell response. 


Over the weeks and months following treatment, this stem cell response recruits collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts. The fibroblasts replace tissue that has been damaged or lost through the ageing process with healthy skin that looks refreshed and rejuvenated. Due to the stem cell response and specific growth factors contained in the plasma, it has also shown excellent results in hair restoration. 


The potential benefits of PRP have led to a recent widespread interest in its use for anti-ageing, regenerative and hair restoration purposes.


The healing properties of the blood components in PRP can be used in cosmetic treatments for: 

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Tightening and toning skin 
  • Mild collagen and volume loss 
  • Crow’s feet and dark under eye circles 
  • Acne scarring 
  • Rosacea 
  • Hair Rejuvenation 

Within a few weeks of treatment, you will see an overall improvement of skin hydration, texture and tone can be seen. New collagen and blood vessels begin to grow after three to six weeks, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and volume correction happens over the next three to six months. 


The effects can last 12 months to two years, depending on the individual. While it creates a longer-lasting effect in the skin, it does take time to work. For individuals looking for an immediate effect, PRP can be combined with hyaluronic acid fillers for quick volume correction.

Bringing Out the Beauty in Everyone


How many treatments will I need?

You can have PRP treatments every 2-3 weeks.  By stacking this needling in a series of 2-3 weeks, there is an added effect in collagen production and contraction. Usually after 8-12 weeks, the real result is seen, and we recommended that you have a single maintenance session every 4- 5 months.

Can I Have PRP if I get anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers?

This is a good combination to choose. PRP two weeks after anti-wrinkle injections or fillers is ideal, as the collagen production of PRP enhances the healing of wrinkled lines and the new collagen production and remodelling of collagen for constant improvement of skin texture and appearance.

Is there any discomfort during PRP?

Each person is different and will have a different response to intra-dermal injections, though adverse reactions are rare. Dr Laura Fee may decide to use a topical anaesthesia for greater comfort before injecting you with PRP.

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