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Jawline Contouring

At Face Hub Facial Aesthetic Clinic our highly trained facial aesthetic doctors can beautifully enhance the shape of your face using dermal fillers.

Through ageing we lose collagen and elastin within the skin and our skin begins to sag with wrinkles forming. Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm plump and lift these sagging areas resulting in softened wrinkles and a fresher more youthful face. Dermal fillers will make you look more attractive and youthful.

Jawline contouring is a procedure which is growing in popularity. Dermal filler is used to slim the jaw line and make the profile of the face more balanced. Dermal filler is a great option for someone wanting to change the appearance of their jawline as it is not invasive, there is basically no recovery time and it is temporary so if a patient does not like the results they will eventually fade or they can have the filler dissolved. When we lose collagen and elastin as we age the skin around the jaw sags and creates jowls. This can make a person look older. This procedure is also used on younger clients who are looking to get a more defined looking jaw but don&Apos;t have sagging skin yet. A jawline contouring procedure will help the jawline look better with:

  • - Decreased sagging skin
  • - More definition along jawline
  • - More youthful and refreshed appearance
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Facial Aesthetic Consultation

At Face Hub Facial Aesthetics, you will have a consultation with one of our expert practitioners to discuss the goals you want to achieve and to assess if it is possible. A jawline lifting and contouring procedure takes around 30 minutes. Firstly, an anaesthetic gel will be applied for 15 minutes before the treatment begins. Dermal filler will then be injected into precise locations around the jaw area before being massaged to smoothen the material. Here at Face Hub Facial Aesthetics, we use Juvederm which is one of the best fillers on the market. You will have a mirror during the procedure to appreciate the results immediately.

Here at Face hub Facial Aesthetics, you will always have a consultation before your treatment to assess if you are a good candidate for this procedure. A good candidate for the jawline contour procedure is a client who:

  • - Has mild to moderate jowls or sagging. If they are severe, surgical contouring may be a better option.
  • - Wants to increase the definition of the jawline.
  • - Has TMJ which jawline contouring can help with.

Dermal fillers are unsuitable for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Jawline contouring is common for both women and men although they usually want different results. Men may want a more strong and chiselled jaw whereas women usually want to create definition in a soft or smoother way. Patients who have TMJ can find jawline contouring very effective as their joint around this area tends to become inflamed and filler injections can help to reduce the inflammation and stop the muscle being overused. This can also reduce the pain caused by TMJ. This procedure is not for everyone as depending on your face shape it may make the appearance of the side profile better but the front of your face may be unflattering. This is why it’s best to have a consultation so your practitioner can assess if this is a possibility for you.

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