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Tear Trough

At Face Hub Facial Aesthetic Clinic our highly skilled facial aesthetic doctors can make your tear troughs look fresher and more hydrated.

The area of skin around the eyes is very sensitive and can very obviously show the signs of tiredness and ageing. Circles can appear at the corners of the eyes and eventually be seen on the contour making the eyes look sad or fatigued. Tear troughs can be caused by different things such as fatigue, being unhealthy, deficient microcirculation and are usually hereditary. Here at Face Hub we understand that tear troughs can have a negative effect on your self confidence as research has shown that over 50% of women over 30 are concerned about their eye circles.

When we get older the skin on our face changes and begins to lose elasticity. The skin around our eyes is fragile and can easily be damaged by sun exposure which causes wrinkles. These changes occur in people at different ages but there are a few factors which have been known to speed up the process such as:

  • - smoking
  • - stress
  • - skin care
  • - sun exposure
  • - weight
  • - genetics
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These factors cause the under eye to bulge out and the skin to become uneven which is how dark circles appear. These tear troughs can be difficult to cover up with make up which is why filler is a great option to keep you looking young and refreshed. Ageing is the main cause of the under eye becoming puffy and it is common in both men and women in their late 30s and 40s.

The procedure here at Face Hub is very simple and effective. Approximately 15 minutes before your treatment a local anaesthetic gel will be placed on the injection sites. The filler is then injected into planned sites and massaged to smoothen the material. You will have a mirror throughout the treatment to see the results. The treatment takes on average 30 minutes.

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