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Jawline Contouring

Jawline Contouring

What Is It?


The jaw line from ear to chin is smooth while we are young. Many people develop jowls as they age, which appear on the jaw line right below the outside corners of their mouth due to the sagging of lower cheek skin.


These notches, or indentations, break up the smoothness of the jaw line, giving it a “S” form. If the sagging is modest to moderate, nonsurgical treatments like dermal filler injections can readily solve the problem.




Dermal fillers are substances that are widely used to treat scars, lines, folds, and other skin depressions. They’re a type of soft tissue that’s meant to be injected into the skin to improve its appearance. They are often made of a variety of synthetic, man-made, and natural materials, and they have been evolved into several standards according on the level of usage.


The Treatment


Dermal filler is injected at precise locations into your skin. The doctor will then massage to smooth the product. During the procedure, you are fully awake. You will be given a mirror to hold to enable you to see the results as the doctor completes the treatment.

Jawline Contouring
Jawline Contouring

How Does It Work?


Hyaluronic acid, a temporary filler, is the most often utilized dermal filler.
Hyaluronic acid is a diverse and intriguing chemical found in nature. It can be found in almost every living entity, including humans. It performs a variety of tasks, including elasticity and volume, giving our skin a youthful appearance. Dermal Filler injections are sterile gels manufactured in a laboratory from non-animal, cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA). They contain no human or animal DNA and, as the only reversible filler on the market, have the best safety profile of all the fillers now available.


Pre – Treatment


We apply topical anaesthetic approximately 30 minutes before the treatment commences, numbing the area.


Post Treatment


To avoid infection, avoid touching or applying make-up to the treated area for at least 6 hours after treatment. Our skilled staff will provide you with specific post-treatment instructions on the day of your treatment. The effects are noticeable right away and last for 6 to 12 months. Because the effects are transient, you can make adjustments as your face changes over time while maintaining a natural appearance.