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NCTF® 135HA – An Iconic Drop of Youth

NCTF® What is the Perfect Skin? 


The perfect skin is healthy skin. Not with standing any fine lines and wrinkles, it is the quality of the skin that holds the secret to radiant and beautiful healthy skin. 


Each woman will have her own idea of beauty… but for most, ultimate beauty manifests itself when the body and soul are in harmony – this is when enduring, natural beauty and radiance shine from within. 


The Perfect Skin?


Dr. Laura Fee, believes that ultimate beauty is not only associated with a regular beauty routine but also is determined by a healthy lifestyle, which combines nutrition and physical exercise choices. Here are some of Dr Laura’s top tips for having beautiful skin: 

  • Drinking a sufficient quantity of water  
  • Moisturize 
  • Protection against daily aggressions (pollution, free radicals …) 
  • Providing essential nutrients to the skin so that it can function properly 
  • Choosing the right, regular beauty routine  
  • A balanced diet 
  • Regular physical activity 
  • A good night’s sleep! 


We hope that these tips will help you be more informed before you think about getting lip augmentation treatment. If you would like to find out more you can book a consultation here at Face Hub Facial Aesthetics at 01 525 3888 or book online.

NCTF® 135HA – An Iconic Drop of Youth
NCTF® 135HA – An Iconic Drop of Youth

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