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Temple Fillers

Temple Fillers

What Are Temple Fillers?


When it comes to replenishing lost volume in the cheeks, lips, or shaping a jawline, we’ve all heard of dermal fillers. What about the temples, though? The loss of volume in the temples can have a dramatic effect on the face’s appearance, making us appear much older. Patients can acquire a raised appearance without surgery by injecting dermal filler into temple hollows. It’s like getting a tiny facelift but without the scalpels.


Products We Use


We use Juvéderm Voluma for Temple Filler, which is an FDA-approved injectable gel filler that is designed to enhance volume beneath the skin’s surface, providing lift and contour to the temple area. Juvéderm Voluma produces effects that are both natural-looking and long-lasting.


Side Effects?


Recovery is usually quick, and treatment outcomes are usually obvious right away. Regular activities can be resumed immediately, with many patients returning to work the next day. For the first few days, minor pain, bruising, or swelling may occur. To reduce these side effects, apply ice immediately after treatment. Take aspirin, ibuprofen, or advil for 2 days following treatment – and don’t take them for 1 week before treatment. Excessive exercise should be avoided for 24 hours following therapy.


How Often Do I Need Treatment?


Individual results will vary, but most patients will experience a revitalised and younger appearance for an average of 12 months.

Temple Fillers